Berd Vaye Horoscope

Berd Vaye Horoscope

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Our Take

Time is a funny concept. We track it, we trace it, we value it. It is the one constant in our lives that remains unhinged and steady in its path. Those of us interested in watchmaking and horology are infatuated with all the methods of tracking time. Others like the duo at Berd Vaye aim to preserve it…somewhat.

The team at this young art company “sources thousands of vintage watches and watch components from around the globe with the final goal of the preserving their venerable history in precious lucite®”. The result is a variety of creative shaeps and sizes from hourglasses and skulls to globes and cubes. It is quite simply beautiful and captivating. If you’re a horology enthusiast looking for a unique home or desk piece, you’re in the right place.

The Details

Brand: Berd Vaye

Model: Horoscope

Inspiration: A spherical globe embracing both fluidity and precision; an exacting orb which allows the eye a 360° vantage point to the thousands of watch components housed within.

Limited Edition: 999 pieces

Number of Parts: 4,000-4,500

Weight & Dimensions: Large: 21 lbs & 9.5x9.5x9.5 inches Small: 6lbs & 9.5x9.5x9.5 inches

Condition & Warranty

This item is brand new and features a full three year factory warranty from date of purchase. It is delivered with its original box, warranty and certificate.