Father’s Day Gifts for the Watch Enthusiast

Dads today sometimes don’t get enough credit. They’re often the goofy ones who let us eat cake for breakfast knowing full well mom wouldn’t approve. Or the ones who spun us around during the “helicopter game” until we got so dizzy and hysterical, we couldn’t walk straight for minutes. But they’re also the guys who hugged us tightly at bedtime or before baseball games, and they’re the ones who told us we could do anything we wanted and be anything we wished. Dads help make the world go around, and Father’s Day is an ideal time to show them just how much they’re adored. So if your dad (or husband, or granddad, or baby daddy) happens to be a guy who likes to collect watches or is simply someone who appreciates the value of time and enjoys spending it with those whom he loves, we’ve gathered a few items below that might make for a good gift. Take a read, and don’t forget to show your pops just how much he means to you this Father’s Day.   

The Write Stuff

It’s always a nice feeling when you get a card in the mail from your dad, isn’t it? He may be a guy who fills them with thoughtfully written words or maybe he’s more short-and-sweet in his sentiments, but either way, it might be nice to give your father something that came from your heart with which he can write, “Love, Dad.” 

The Classic Machined Pen in titanium by Schon DSGN is an elegantly crafted writing tool designed to be comfortable and practical. This limited-edition writing instrument created in collaboration with EsperLuxe features a brushed titanium finish and anodized body, giving the pen a lighter overall weight, understated look, and just the right amount of color. 

Light Up His Life

Watch enthusiasts tend to also be people who like trinkets or toys, but often of the technical or mechanical variety. Items like complicated puzzles or pocketknives that double as hex keys are commonplace on a watch collector’s desk or even in their pockets, but so is a flashlight, or, in some cases, an “electric torch”. 

Austin, Texas-based company Muysholdt has made electric torches that have appealed to watch enthusiasts around the world for over a decade now. They managed to combine highly sophisticated “calibre light engines” with Lumicron technology to form lighting instruments often smaller than a tube of lip balm; case in point, their Maus MK. 1 in copper. But why would a watch enthusiast carry an electric torch? One word sums it up: LUME. 

The Art of Fatherhood

If the father in your life has a space of his own, (in other words, a den, office, or man cave) he probably decorates it with things that mean something to him. Maybe on his desk he keeps the signed baseball of one of his favorite players growing up, or that pen holder you made him in 6th grade ceramics class. On his wall is likely a copy of his degree, or an enlarged picture from his first trip to Rome with your mom. But dads will always find a place to hang a heartfelt present from their kids, especially one as creative as the following. 

“Modern Art with Vintage Parts” is how Berd Vaye describes their horologically-themed sculptures and wall décor. By sourcing some of the most recognizable vintage watch parts from around the globe and adding them to Lucite, they’ve managed to create beautiful works that any watch lover would be proud to own. Their Time Framed collection is made with between 3,000 and 3,500 watch parts for the small size and between 4,000 and 4,500 parts for the larger. The backless hanging sculpture also comes framed in an array of beautifully neutral colors, and each piece is numbered as part of a limited edition. 

Roll Call

Dad really loves his watches. It’s actually one of the many things the two of you have in common, and over the years, you’ve gifted him a variety of watch accessories which you enjoyed giving as much as he enjoyed getting. Remember that time you got him the watch winder? Or what about those handmade leather straps? He loved them, and there’s a pretty good chance he’ll love this year’s, too. 

The Watch Roll Alligator Mix in Electric Blue by Parisian leather goods designer Jean Rousseau is the perfect gift for a dad on the go, especially a dad who likes to have options when he travels. Jean Rousseau uses goatskin lining and the finest leathers to create their pouches, straps, rolls, and other accessories, and this particular collection (and with many of their others) can also be custom created for the individual receiving it. The inner pillow cylinder can hold either one larger watch or two smaller ones and is also designed to fit a rolled-up necktie for the nights he takes mom out for a fancier dinner. 

Happy Father’s Day from us to all who are celebrating! 

Barbara Palumbo