Our Story

Our story starts in 1958 when Esper Daaboul founded his luxury car showroom in Beirut. Esper imported high-end luxury automobiles to provide a bustling Lebanese merchant class and a European ex-pat community with the fastest, shiniest, and most luxurious vehicles in Beirut— at the time considered the Paris of the Middle East. His philosophy was simple; offer a well-made, unique product while providing impeccable service to every customer and you will build a loyal following across generations.

50 plus years later, EsperLuxe operates on this same philosophy.

Our Standard

At EsperLuxe we’ve dedicated generations to seeking, finding and showcasing emotion in the form of product. Our partners are incredible artisans, craftsmen and women and you’ll find their work curated and detailed on our platform. We’ll tell you their stories and show you what makes their stuff so special. 

While our history and expertise is rooted in independent horology and jewelry, we’ll also feature talented artists who we’ve come across locally or throughout our travels.

Lastly, we’ll create and offer five-star experiences like our horology journeys to Switzerland and supercar adventures on the racetracks.  

So take your time, enjoy the experience and thanks for stopping by. 

Christopher Daaboul, EsperLuxe