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Emmanuel Bouchet Piece Unique for Christie’s Important Watches Dubai Auction

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Emmanuel Bouchet Piece Unique for Christie’s Important Watches Dubai Auction

Christopher Daaboul

Emmanuel Bouchet is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Christie’s Important Watches auction on 19th October 2016 at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. Developed for Christie’s, Complication One Piece Unique showcases an exclusive polished titanium case, allied with a distinguished blue Lapis Lazuli dial. Lapis Lazuli, a symbol for honesty and harmony, was specifically hand selected by Emmanuel Bouchet for its magnificent blue coloration. A stone also famous in history for encouraging wisdom, it here holds the key value in Emmanuel Bouchet’s honest ambition for a new era in haute horology.

Following years of development, Emmanuel Bouchet Complication One was born. Boasting the first complication of its kind, Complication One is powered by the caliber EB-1963, a mechanical, hand-wound movement composed of 485 parts developed exclusively for the timepiece and entirely manufactured in Switzerland. Nestled in an elegant and contemporary 44 mm case, the very essence of the mechanism is given a prominent place on the dial ensemble. Positioned at center stage, the double escape wheel with inward teeth along with the anchor, with their revisited design, offer a striking indication of time flow.

The escapement in Complication One is not only used to regulate time but also directly powers the display of time. It in fact snaps forward every fifteen seconds and poetically “slows down time”, enabling the wearer to observe the power delivery throughout the movement. Complication One features jumping hours at the 8 o'clock position, jumping minutes, and retrograde jumping tens of minutes at the 4 o'clock position. It is a world first in mechanism and function.

Emmanuel Bouchet, Complication One, Piece Unique for Christies is a unique polished titanium jumping hour wristwatch, with Lapis Lazuli dial, day & night indication and extraordinary escapement at the centre of the architectural dial

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