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Döttling Table Top Humidor

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Döttling Table Top Humidor

Christopher Daaboul

Steering away from the security environment, manufacturer of safes and security accessories, Döttling, announces the release of its first table top humidor.  Featuring all the great qualities that make Döttling unique, the Humidor boasts the finest materials, top German craftsmanship and an exceptional passion for details.

The new Humidor may seem familiar to some enthusiasts of Döttling as it is modeled after the integrated humidor functions of the “The Fortress” series. After numerous customer requests, Döttling now offers the tabletop version for your home, office or man cave.
Some unrivaled features include a Spanish cedar interior atmospherically showcased by LED spotlights.
The heart of every humidor is, of course, the humidifier for the precious cigars inside – featured in the photos are PATORO cigars. In the case of the table top Humidor, a CIGARSPA humidifying product is integrated into the drawer. Its performance can be monitored at any time with the help of a hygrometer, barometer, and thermometer made of brushed stainless steel.

And because your individual desires are Döttling's primary focus, the interior of this unique case can be configured as a storage box for watches as well. The featured Humidor is covered in high-quality calfskin. However, numerous other surfaces, including wood or a high-gloss varnish, are possible upon request to customize your unique Döttling Humidor. 

Döttling's Humidor is now available on order starting at $16,900

For inquiries, additional details and retail showings please contact Christopher Daaboul of Esper Luxe

Christopher Daaboul
Esper Luxe
Phone +1 781 269 5569