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Finer Things

Emmanuel Bouchet Revolutionizing High Horology

Christopher Daaboul

We first met with Emmanuel Bouchet at BaselWorld 2015 purely out of coincidence, not unusual at most BaselWorlds we’ve attended. Luckily for us, our chance meeting led us to a horological masterpiece and a legendary watchmaker.

As one of the watch industry’s elite watchmakers, Emmanuel produced innovation after innovation for some of the most prestigious watch brands culminating in the creation of the astonishing Opus 12 for Harry Winston. Emmanuel Bouchet officially launched in November of 2014 with the marvelous Complication One, which, in his words, is “carving a new benchmark in high complication watchmaking.”

Complication One showcases the values that epitomize the Emmanuel Bouchet brand highlighting “flawless balance of exceptional components, traditional watchmaking techniques, and modern architecture.”

The unique complication of this timepiece is exclusive to Emmanuel Bouchet’s vision and watchmaking ability.

In most watches, the regulating organ oscillates between 21,600 to 36,000 alt. per hour, making it impossible for the wearer to observe in detail  the inner working of the mechanism. Complication One boasts a frequency of 18,000 alt. per hour, deliberately lowering the rate to pay homage to traditional watchmaking and highlight the mesmerizing behavior of the escapement.

The double barrels guarantee a 72 hour power-reserve indicated on the back of the timepiece. One barrel drives the going train to the escape wheel, regulated by a free-sprung balance on a Breguet type overcoil. The second barrel keeps the transmission escapement on the dial under tension. This escapement snaps forward every fifteen second to replicate what goes on in the other escapement five times a second. The center wheel of the first train rotates an elliptical triangle, which turns in the lever fork on the dial, swinging it aside every fifteen seconds to unlock and lock the double escape wheel.

The makers of this piece gave attention to every detail, from mechanical excellence to design aesthetic and finishes. The dynamic, multi-level dial is comprised of sapphire discs that seem to float in space over a white or black onyx dial base. Hours are displayed at 8 o’clock while minutes and ten-minutes are indicated in an original yet intuitive way at 4 o’clock by two jumping hands, the ten-minutes hand being also a retrograde hand. The tips of the hour and ten-minutes hands are finished with sanded sapphire to accentuate the legibility and add a refined and elegant touch to the design.

A resolutely contemporary day-night indicator, revealed at 12 o’clock on a disc underneath the seconds disc, further accentuates the powerful and harmoniously balanced design.

Bouchet offers Complication One in 18K gold, in Platinum or in Titanium with black ADLC treatment. ADLC, “amorphous diamond-like carbon”, is a revolutionary coating that not only creates a shock-resistant, extremely smooth and scratch free layer but also confers a high-tech aura that further accentuates the captivating dial.

Emmanuel Bouchet offers a core built on creativity, expertise, and incredible vision bridging traditional watchmaking with an “opulent tapestry of impeccable style.” Those values are all indelibly captured in this time piece. Complication one is a machine that pays homage to the roots of watchmaking while revealing how far it has come.

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