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Finer Things

Introducing Esper Luxe

Christopher Daaboul

Thank you for joining Esper Luxe - your guide to the finer things in life. We're proud to offer you products and insight from some of the world's finest fabricators of luxury goods.

Much like bespoke tailoring, meticulous watchmaking, or vintage art, Esper's philosophy transcends time. In 1958, Esper Daaboul started importing high-end luxury cars to provide a bustling Lebanese merchant class and a European ex-patriot community with the fastest, shiniest, and most luxurious vehicles in Beirut - considered to be the Paris of the Middle East at the time. My grandfather's philosophy was simple; offer a well-made, unique product while providing impeccable service to every customer and you will build a loyal following across generations.

Over 50 years later, we founded Esper Luxury International Inc. on this same philosophy. Esper Luxe is our way of sharing our fondness for the finer luxury lifestyle and the style, values and products of our friends and partners.

In addition to our products, we offer written features through our blog, Finer Things. With Finer Things, we will show you why the traditions of Italian bespoke tailors are unparalleled, why centuries of mechanical watchmaking survive to this day, and why luxury has inherent meaning and purpose not simply built on a name or ad campaign. We hope the blog provides you with a sense of how best to live your lives meaningfully and with great individual style, no matter how you define it.

We're incredibly excited for you to join us and hope you enjoy our offerings.

Yours truly,
Christopher Daaboul
Esper Luxe